Bird migration
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    Year-round co-occurrence of birds and insects aloft

    A newly developed radar registers bird- and insect-like echoes up to 500 meters above ground. We aim to use two years data collected at Sempach to investigate the seasonal and daily pattern of insect and bird co-occurrence. In addition, a large proportion of the echoes possess information on flight direction and ground speed. The student will use this large dataset (over two million echoes) to describe the influence of environmental factors on co-occurrence of bird- and insect-like echoes.


    This will be the first study to describe year round patterns of insect abundance aloft. The candidate should have good computer skills, strong interest in modelling and be willing to get familiar with R-programming.

    Contact and further information

    Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Dr. Felix Liechti
    Seerose 1
    CH-6204 Sempach
    Tel: +41 41 462 97 82