Jenni-Eiermann, S. & L. Jenni (2001)

    Post-Exercise Ketosis in Night-Migrating Passerine Birds.

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    Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 74: 90–101



    This study investigated the post-exercise metabolism of 6 species of free-living night-migrating passerine birds (European robin, pied flycatcher, wheatear, redstart, blackcap, garden warbler). The birds were caught during autumn migration out of their nocturnal flight and their metabolism changed from a fasting, highly active state to a fasting resting state. Concentrations of 6 plasma metabolites of the fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism were measured during up to 10 h of recovery time. The metabolic changes indicated a biphasic pattern: (A) a quick first response to the reduced energy demands during the first 20 min of recovery, suggested by an increase and subsequent decrease of free fatty acid levels; (B) subsequently a post-exercise ketosis and a reduction of lipolysis and proteolysis, suggested by high.