Volet, B. (2009)

    Wiederholte Einflüge von «Trompetergimpeln» Pyrrhula pyrrhula in die Schweiz.

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    Ornithol. Beob. 106: 419–428





    A massive invasion of Eurasian Bullfinches Pyrrhula pyrrhula giving a trumpet call occurred in the autumn/winter 2004/2005. Repeated invasions were also recorded the following winters in lower numbers. It is likely that the birds originate from European Russia and belong to the nominate subspecies Pyrrhula p. pyrrhula. In Switzerland, «trumpeting» Bullfinches were heard between the end of October until April, with one late record in May. They were mostly observed north of the Alps with very few sightings in the Alps or south of the Alps. The distribution of Bullfinches giving a normal call was recorded during the winter 2008/2009 and was found to be similar to the distribution of «trumpeting» Bullfinches.