Bird migration

    Stopovers during migration - literature review and meta-analysis

    © Tamara Emmenegger
    © Tamara Emmenegger
    Migratory animals typically use intermittent stop-over sites to prepare for a subsequent migratory leg. However, there is great variability across species and taxa in how many stops migrants actually make.

    Therefore, we aim at compiling an overview of the number of stop-over sites used by a variety of migrants, the distances between them and general habitat characteristics of these stop-over sites and in between. In a first step, we will focus on migratory birds, characterize differences in stopover site use according to taxonomic groups, migration bouts and migration pathways. This will be done with a systematic literature review and meta-analysis.


    • Literature research
    • Systematic review
    • Meta-analysis


    • Interest in conceptual and theoretical ecology
    • Motivation for systematic literature research and management
    • Basic statistical knowledge
    • Preferably practice in R and/or meta-analysis methods

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