A systematic literature review on insect wing beat frequencies


    Insects make up the most numerous animal taxon, both in terms of species and number of individuals. Most insects at least partly spend their lives flying through the skies. Using certain monitoring systems (e.g., radars and lidars), it is possible to not only detect the presence of insects in the sky, but also determine the frequency with which they beat their wings. Throughout this and the past century, there has a been an enormous number of studies determining species-specific wing beat frequencies, but a review consolidating all these measurements into a reference lookup database is lacking. The creation of such a database will enable radar (or other) entomologists to look up the potential species of an observed insect through matching its wing beat frequency, mass, and length/width ratio.


    The project aims to create reference database on (large) insect wing beat frequencies, mass, and length/width ratios. To do so, a systematic literature review, i.e., based on standardised and rigorous methodologies, will be performed using the user-friendly online tool www.cadima.info.

    Interest in publishing the database and review to a scientific peer-reviewed journal will be encouraged and supported by the supervising team.


    Dr. Birgen Haest (Swiss Ornithological Institute - SOI)
    Prof. Dr. Jason Chapman (University of Exeter)
    Dr. Felix Liechti (SOI)


    Contact birgen.haest@vogelwarte.ch