Bruno Bruderer


    Prof. em. Dr. Bruno Bruderer
    Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Seerose 1
    6204 Sempach

    ++41 41 462 97 00 (secretary)
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    • Former head of migration department (retired)
    • Senior advisor of Swiss Birdradar Team


    • radar ornithology
    • bird migration
    • Influence of weather and topography on the course of migration
    • Crossing of large barriers by migrant birds
    • Ecology of migrants in their tropical non-breeding areas
    • Evolution of bird migration

    Current Projects


    Academic career
    2007 Professor emeritus at Basel University (BU)
    1995 a.o. Prof. at BU (teaching ornithology and biogeography)
    1984 Habilitation
    1980 Lecturer for ornithology at BU
    1975 - 1979 Voluntary teaching at BU “The biology of birds”
    1971 Doctoral thesis on "Radar studies on spring migration in the Swiss lowlands"
    Professional career
    2007 Advisor of the Swiss Birdradar Team. Volunteer at Swiss Ornithological Institute (SOI)
    1972-2006 Head of Bird Migration Department at SOI
    1970 Scientific assistant at SOI
    1968-1970 Radar studies on bird migration for doctoral thesis
    1965-1967 Assistant at Zoological Institute of BU and eco­logical studies on “The benthic fauna of the Rhine”
    2010 Scientific Board of „Fundación Migres“, Andalusian organisation for the study and protection of birds.
    2000 Core teacher in a course of the Tropical Biology Association, Tanzania.
    1996 Mike Kuhring Award conferred by the International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) "in recognition of 25 years of pioneering work in the application of radar to detect and understand bird migration and thus assist flight safety".
    1994 Honorary Member of the Swiss Society for the Study and Protection of Birds
    1978 Member of the International Ornithological Committee IOC.
    1977-2004 Chairman/vice-chairman of Remote Sensing Working Groupe BSCE/IBSC.
    1972-2005 Swiss delegate for BSCE, now International Bird Strike Committee IBSC.
    1972-1980 President of Ala, Swiss Society for the Study and Protection of Birds.


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