Kiran Dhanjal-Adams


    Dr. Kiran Dhanjal-AdamsKiran Dhanjal-Adams

    Department of Bird Migration

    Swiss Ornithological Institute

    Seerose 1

    CH - 6204 Sempach



    ++41 41 462 99 39

    Personal website:




    Post-doctoral researcher


    • Animal Migration
    • Consevation Decision Making
        • Optimal management strategies
        • Linear Programming
        • Return on Investment
    • Theoretical and quantitative ecology
        • Graph theory
        • Stochastic population modelling
        • Demographic population modelling
        • Cellular automata
    • Remote sensing
    • Muli-sensor loggers for monitoring migration

    Current Projects

    • Migratory behaviour
    • Quantifying the impact of environmental seasonality on migration patterns
    • Developping methodologies for interpreting multi-sensor logger data
    • Tracking small animals using light intensity
    • Tracking long-distant migratory waders in the East-Asian Australasian Flyway


    Year Activity
    2017 - present Post-doctoral researcher at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, Switzerland
    2016 Post-doctoral research associate at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK
    2012 – 2015 Ph.D in Conservation Biology, University of Queensland, Australia


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