Susi Jenni-Eiermann


    Susi Jenni-EiermannDr. phil. Susi Jenni-Eiermann
    Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Seerose 1
    6204 Sempach

    ++41 41 462 97 61 (Phone)
    ++41 41 462 97 10 (Fax)


    • Head of laboratory
    • Head of the department eco-physiology
    • Secretary of the European Ornithologists‘ Union
    • Secretary of the International Ornithologists‘ Union


    • migration physiology
    • stress physiology

    Current Projects

    Interactions of genetic, maternal and early developmental effects on stress sensitivity, personality and survival of offspring

    Validation of the analysis of corticosterone in feathers

    Effect of leisure-time activities on abundance, breeding success and behaviour of birds



    1983 PhD at University of Basel, Switzerland
    1980 Diploma in Biology (M.Sc.) at University of Basel, Switzerland
    1975-1980 Studies in Biology at University of Basel, primary subject physiology, secondary subjects anatomy, biochemistry

    Current and past positions

    2005 Head of the department eco-physiology
    2000 Head of the laboratory
    1985 Researcher at the Swiss Ornithological Institute
    1983-1985 Post-Doctoral Assistant, Department of Biochemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland

    Further Training

    1998 Zoological Institute of the University of Washington at Seattle (Prof. Wingfield) for 8 months
    2000 University of California at Davis (Prof. B. Lasley), Institute of Toxicology & Environmental Health, Wildlife Health Center for 1.5 weeks
    2002, 2003 University of Vienna, Dept. of Veterinary Medicine (Prof. R. Palme), for twice 2 weeks
    2005 University of Texas at Austin, Dept. of Integrative Biology (Prof. C. Breuner), for 2 weeks


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