Thomas Sattler


    Thomas Sattler (Foto © Swiss Ornithological Institute)
    Thomas Sattler (Foto © Swiss Ornithological Institute)
    Dr. Thomas Sattler (PhD)
    Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Seerose 1
    6204 Sempach

    Married, two children
    Swiss citizen

    Research interests

    Long-term monitoring forms the basis to study both fundamental ecological and applied conservation topics. I am I am fascinated to disentangle ecological and human-related factors that drive populations and their distribution in space.


    Director of the Monitoring Department at the Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach


    • Spatial ecology
    • Acoustics
    • Urban ecology
    • Conservation Ecology

    Current Projects

    Swiss Bird Index SBI®

    Effects of climate change on birds in Switzerland

    Monitoring breeding birds in wetlandsKirsten Jung


    Christian Ginzler, Catherine Graham Martin Obrist, Marco Moretti, Florian Zellweger and Niklaus Zimmermann, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research  WSL, Birmensdorf

    Damaris Zurell, University of Potsdam

    Aleksi Lehikoinen, University of Helsinki

    Richard D. Gregory, RSPB Centre for Conservation Science

    Kirsten Jung, University of Ulm

    Federal Office for the environment FOEN

    Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland BDM at Hintermann & Weber

    European Bird Census Council EBCC, especially Institut Català d'Ornitologia Barcelona and the Czech Society for Ornithology

    Biolovision SA


    Since 2014 Director of the Monitoring Department at the Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach
    2011 – 2013 Post-doc researcher at the Smithonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama and University of Ulm: ecology and spatial distribution of aerial insectivorous bat species.
    2009 – 2011 Post-doc researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, focus on biodiversity indicator analysis
    2006 – 2009 PhD on urban biodiversity at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and University of Berne
    2008 Scientific visit to the Spatial Ecology group of Prof. P. Legendre, Université de Montréal, Canada
    2004 – 2005 Postgraduate course in GIS, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
    1997 – 2003 Studies of Biology at the Universities of Basel, Caracas and Berne

    Scientific committees

    Member of the Scientific Advisory Council Plenum of the Swiss Biodiversity Forum
    Member of the Scientific Commission of the Grande Caricaie
    Member of Swiss Bat Bioacoustics Group SBBG


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