Yellow-browed Warbler

      Phylloscopus inornatus


      The range of the Yellow-browed Warbler stretches from the Siberian taiga across the north-western flank of the Ural to Europe. It is the most frequent Siberian migrant to appear regularly in Central and Western Europe but is only rarely spotted inland. Its wintering place is in Southeast Asia, which is why the warblers first fly east and southeast in autumn in order to migrate southwards in East China. Several birds, however, migrate in the opposite direction in autumn whereby they appear in Europe.


      Status (in CH)
      irregular and rare migrant
      Annual cycle
      The bar on the top line indicates during which seasons the species can be observed regularly in Switzerland. There can be great seasonal fluctuations of numbers. The middle bar indicates the typical migration seasons of a species. The bottom bar indicates the period during which the species normally breeds. As a rule it spans the period from egg-laying to fledging of the young.
      Annual cycle
      Annual cycle


      Population size in Switzerland (Pairs)
      Migration behaviour
      long-distance migrant
      Diurnal/nocturnal migrant
      Nocturnal migrant
      Length (cm)
      wing span (cm)
      Weight (g)
      Nest site
      herbaceous layer
      insects, spiders
      Warblers and allies
      forest, hedges, settlements