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The visitor centre at the Swiss Ornithological Institute is always worth a visit.

Visitor centre

Welcome to the Swiss Ornithological Institute

Here our aim is to instil in our visitors a fascination with birdlife and offer them a distinctive experience.

An interactive exhibit, a bird cinema, a mechanical theatre about birdcalls, and a wildlife garden on the shores of Lake Sempach are your invitation to visit the local world of birds.

Our attractions

Bird database
Everything you need to know about the birds of Switzerland
The “Birds of Switzerland” section provides comprehensive information on over 400 different bird species that live in Switzerland.

Our database highlights the sights and sounds of bird species and provides other interesting information about them.

To the bird database

Photo contest for bird enthusiasts

Winners of the photo competition

Birds are one of the world’s most popular animal groups. This is hardly surprising, as they have produced a fascinating variety of shapes, colours and lifestyles during the course of history. This enthusiasm also has an impact on photography. When it comes to birds in photos, the source of motifs and subjects appears inexhaustible. This is perfectly demonstrated by the winning photos from our photo competition.

Beautiful – extravagant – fascinating