Birds and fishery

    Birds are often "in the line of fire" of the critique of fishermen. The Swiss Ornithological Institute strives towards an objective and problem solving discussion.


    Time and again, large fish-eating bird species get "in the line of fire" of the critique by fishery representatives. Species such as great cormorant, grey heron and common merganser that feed exclusively or to a large extent on fish are seen as competitors or are considered responsible for the decline of fish populations.

    The Swiss Ornithological Institute contributes scientific knowledge to the national working group "cormorant and fishery" and strives towards an objective discussion.


    The Swiss Ornithological Institute monitors breeding and wintering populations of fish-eating bird species. For more details: Monitoring wintering waterbirds.

    The opinion of the Swiss Ornithological Institute has been summarized in a position paper (in German): Vögel und Fischerei

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    Stefan Werner