Birds and glass

    How can we prevent deadly collisions of birds with glass windows?


    In our human-modified world, fatal collisions of birds with glass fronts of buildings and windows are a major bird conservation issue. Estimates from the USA indicate that birds are killed in numbers comparable with a major oil spill - every day! Many buildings could be constructed in a more bird friendly way. This project aims at finding ways to reduce, and if possible prevent, losses of birds due to collisions with glass windows and panes. We examine different types of glasses as well as protective measures (e.g. markings on windows) with respect to their potential for preventing bird collision. In addition, we offer advice on how to design buildings or to improve situations at exisiting buildings and sell easily applicable products to reduce the risk of bird-glass collisions.


    To raise awareness for the problem and to disseminate knowledge on available measures against it, the Swiss Ornithological Institute has set up a multilanguage webpage: All known measures to reduce bird kills due to glass collisions are summarized there.

    Project management

    Hans Schmid, Daniela Heynen

    Financial support

    Marion Jean Hofer-Woodhead-Stiftung


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