Recording form for the Swiss RC

    Species considered by the Swiss RC (version of December 2021)

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      In sightings considered by the Swiss RC are marked with the symbol "!".

    Checklist of the birds of Switzerland (version of 2018)

    List of escapees in Switzerland, category E (version of 2005)

    Annual reports

    Accepted records since 1992

    Notes on how to fill in the report form

    Due to a growing number of reports being sent in, we kindly ask you to seriously consider following points when filling in and sending a report form, this allows us to minimize the administrative expenditure.

    1. Please make sure that you use the current version of the report form (to be found under „downloads“).
    2. Please name the report form and corresponding documents as follows: species_place_year_observer. For example: Broad-billed Sandpiper_Fanel_2012_John Smith.doc and Broad-billed Sandpiper_Fanel_2012_John Smith.jpg. Please make sure that all connected documents bear the same (or a very similar) file name.
    3. Please fill in the report form as complete as possible. Coordinates of observation locations can be easily determined with the website By moving the mouse over the map, you can see the current coordinates at the bottom left-hand corner below the map.
    4. The written documentation (especially notes and details on the appearance of the bird) on the second page of the form is an important part of the report. Even if observations are well documented by photos, videos and sound recordings, a detailed description of the bird is very much required since both may be important for later evaluations.
    5. Please send your reports as well as photographs (preferably the originals) and sound recordings by email to if possible; large emails with up to 20 MB can also be received. Please make sure you receive a confirmation of receipt. Documents sent by post have to be digitised first by the SAK (Swiss Avifaunistic Commission) before being processed. Please do not staple pages together.

    In the not distant future it will also be possible to enter observations of rare birds online into and document them. We shall keep you informed about this.