Swiss Bird Index SBI®

      The Swiss Bird Index SBI® is calculated based on single species indices of regular breeding birds. Data on population trends of individual species are mathematically condensed to form a set of combined indices (species groups), the Swiss Bird Index SBI®.

      The Swiss Bird Index SBI® consists of a general index of all regular Swiss breeding birds as well as several sub-indices. For the sub-indices, species are divided into groups according to a special interest list (Red List, Swiss Species Recovery Programme, International Responsibility), habitats (forest, target species and characteristic species of the environmental objectives for agriculture, wetlands, alpine habitats, settlements), and the SBI® Climate Change (species that are predicted to increase or decline with climate change). All indices are updated annually using the latest results.

      Sattler, T., P. Knaus, H. Schmid & N. Strebel (2018): The State of Birds in Switzerland online. URL: Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach.