State of Birds 2020

    The annual publication “The State of Birds in Switzerland” summarises the results of our various monitoring projects, conducted with the support of more than 2000 volunteers in all parts of the country. The 2020 report focuses on the population trends of certain breeding bird species, for example farmland birds, owls and corvids. It also takes a closer look at trends in scarce migrants, such as Common Crane, and in winter visitors like Red Kite and Black-headed Gull.

    Explore the following links to find interactive graphics from the Swiss Bird Index SBI® and the breeding bird index for each species up until 2019 as well as additional results and publications:

    Swiss Bird Index SBI® Breeding bird index 

    Recommended citation State of Birds 2020 online:

    Knaus, P., H. Schmid, N. Strebel & T. Sattler (2020): The State of Birds in Switzerland 2020 online.
    URL: Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach.

    State of birds 2020

    The State of Birds in Switzerland: Report 2020