State of Birds 2017

    Winter visitors

    Switzerland with its many lakes and rivers is a very important wintering site for waterbirds. As a consequence, monitoring of population size and distribution during the winter focuses on this group. For decades, waterbirds have been counted twice every winter on all important sections of rivers and lakes. Switzerland has an international responsibility for several species. These have therefore been classified as national priority species. Many other species that are not dependent on water bodies are monitored – like the migrants – through the programme Rare Breeding and Visiting Birds.


    Further analyses

    The current results of the project Monitoring Wintering Waterbirds are summarised in this (german) or in this (french) document:

    In addition, detailed results can be downloaded via the following Excel files:

    In Birds of Switzerland, you can find the results of the waterbird census for any given species:

    • Category “Population”: Population numbers on the most important lakes and rivers in Switzerland as well as population trends.
    • Category “Distribution”: Distribution as documented by the waterbird census.


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