Korner-Nievergelt, F. & R.A. Robinson (2014)

    Introducing the R-package "birdring"

    Further information

    Ring. Migr. 29 (1): 51–61



    We introduce the R-package “birdring”, which provides a collection of R-functions to help with the analysis of ring re-encounter data. At present, it contains functions to read EURING data into R, to draw maps for visualising recovery data, to re-code EURING code into interpretable names, and to calculate the loxodromic and orthodromic distances between two encounter locations. The package also allows spatially different re-encounter probabilities to be estimated using the division-coefficient method. A function to obtain the proportional overlap between prior and posterior distributions facilitates parameter estimability, which is often an issue in mark–recapture models. The package is a work-in-progress and we welcome additional contributions of functions for the analysis of ring re-encounter data.