Non-native birds in Switzerland

    The establishment of non-native plant and animal species has been recognised as a major conservation problem. International agreements, e.g. the Convention on Biological Diversity, identified invasive alien species as one of the major global conservation issues.


    • Assessing the status of non-native bird species in Switzerland.
    • Compiling available information as a basis for management.
    • Raising public awareness at all levels.


    The Swiss Ornithological Institute

    • monitors distribution and population trends of non-native birds in Switzerland
    • follows the issue of non-native birds in Switzerland and in Europe
    • compiles information for federal and cantonal authorities
    • disseminates information to governmental and non-governmental organisations and to the wider public.
    • participates in the European COST project ParrotNet


    Management of non-native bird species is the responsibility of federal and cantonal wildlife agencies. The Federal Office for the Environment in collaboration with the Ornithological Institute and BirdLife Switzerland has adopted an action plan for the Ruddy Duck. The latest results from ParrotNet can be found here.

    In collaboration with the BirdLife Switzerland, we compiled an overview on the situation of non-native bird species in Europe (Kestenholz, Heer & Keller 2005, in German).

    Project management

    Michael Schaad, Claudia Müller


    Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
    BirdLife Switzerland