Kéry, M. & M. Schaub (2012)

Bayesian population analyses using WinBUGS. A hierarchical perspective.

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Academic Press, Waltham, MA



Bayesian population analysis using WinBUGS is a gentle introduction to the analysis of distribution, abundance and population dynamics of animals and plants using the flexible Bayesian software WinBUGS (or, alternatively, programs OpenBUGS or JAGS, for both of which all code should work as well). The book contains a comprehensive collection of richly commented worked examples, such as generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs), state-space models, Cormack-Jolly-Seber models, ring-recovery models, multistate models, Jolly-Seber models, integrated population models, as well as Binomial mixture and site-occupancy models. It will be of interest to quantitative scientists working in the fields of population ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary biology, population management, disease ecology, fisheries or wildlife biology. The text is ideal for self-study and for an advanced graduate-level course.