Kipson, M., P. Vorisek, M. Franch, m. Kalyakin, G. Major, S. Herrando & V. Keller (2015)

EBBA2 training workshops in 2016.

Further information

Bird Census News 2015, 28/2: European Atlas News 59–64



The success of the second European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2) depends largely on the capacity to collect data following the predefined methodology that enables consistency across countries and datasets. Although many Western countries have already produced at least one bird atlas, the situation is strikingly different in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, where many countries have not yet produced a national atlas. Therefore, exchanging knowledge and experience in atlas work is crucial and is one of the essential tasks of the EBBA2 coordination team. During spring 2016, four workshops were organized, in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Moldova, with the aim of adjusting the methodology to national circumstances and providing training on its implementation in the field. Workshop participants had a chance to practice recording the atlas breeding codes, and performed timed species surveys to provide data for mapping distribution in 50×50 km squares and as a basis for modelling distribution at a resolution of 10×10 km. This was an excellent opportunity for local participants to better understand the differences between the field methods, and the different outputs of the Atlas, and hence to enable both national coordinators and fieldworkers to improve data collection.