Herrando, S., M. Franch, P. Vorisek, M. Kipson, P. Milanesi & V. Keller (2017)

EBBA2: Latest pilot maps, modelling work and planning ahead.

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Bird Census News 2017, 30/1: European Atlas News 12–18





The last fieldwork year of EBBA2 is ongoing in 2017. A third pilot data for the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2) was requested in 2016. Preliminary 50×50 km data for 15 species from all European countries were provided in a new effort of international collaboration and pilot maps were made available to the whole European atlas community. In parallel, a great progress in 10×10 km modelled maps was made thanks to the timed surveys data provided in 2015. This article summarises this work and the planning ahead up to EBBA2 publication.