Vorísek, P., M. B. Kalyakin, O. V. Voltzit, S. Herrando & V. Keller (2019)

From a breeding bird atlas to a common bird monitoring scheme in European Russia.

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Biol. Ecol. 53: 101–114.





Reliable data on distribution and population trends are needed for both understanding changes in bird populations and for the conservation of birds. Second European Breeding Bird Atlas and Atlas of Breeding Birds of European Russia programs succeeded to obtain data on distribution and numbers of all bird species in Europe including European part of Russia. After completion of the atlas, it seems realistic to create a unified bird monitoring system in European Russia. The purpose of this system is to obtain representative data on population trends of common bird species. The development of such a system can be based on the experience of existing regional monitoring projects, as well as on the organized new programs. Using the methods developed for the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS), the results of regional observations can be combined into indicators that characterize the entire monitoring area.