Volet, B. & A. Gerber (2009)

Seltene und bemerkenswerte Brut- und Gastvögel und andere ornithologische Ereignisse 2008 in der Schweiz.

Further information

Ornithol. Beob. 106: 401–418





The biggest influx of Red-footed Falcons Falco vespertinus since 1990 was recorded in spring 2008. There was also an influx of Griffon Vultures Gyps fulvus, for the fourth year running, and high numbers of Eurasian Scops Owls Otus scops and Greater Short-toed Larks Calandrella brachydactyla. The third breeding record of the Spectacled Warbler Sylvia conspicillata was noted and the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus bred for the second year running. The Common Shelduck Tadorna tadorna bred for the seventh time. In winter 2008/09 there was an influx of Bohemian Waxwings Bombycilla garrulus, and «Northern» Bullfinches Pyrrhula pyrrhula were recorded again for the fifth year running. The Black Stork Ciconia nigra overwintered for the ninth time as well as two Little Egrets Egretta garzetta for the second and third time respectively.