Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas

The Breeding Bird Atlas 2013–2016 has accurately depicted the distribution and density of all Swiss breeding birds.


After 1972–1976 and 1993–1996, a new bird census has being carried out from 2013–2016. During these four years, around 1000 volunteer birdwatchers have explored the whole of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein to map the breeding birds.


As the forerunners, the new Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas is a milestone for research on and conservation of birds in Switzerland. The results were published in book form at the end of 2018. By depicting the occurrence of all bird species breeding in Switzerland, the atlas is an invaluable basis for the assessment of the status and trends of all Swiss bird species and for targeting the conservation of endangered species. The project has stimulated ornithology in Switzerland in similar ways as the atlas project in the nineties did.


The following main results have been compiled.

  • Current distribution (10 x 10 km grid) and trends in distribution since 1950–1959, 1972–1976 and 1993–1996
  • Density and probability of occurrence (modelled for 1 x 1 km) and its trend since 1993–1996
  • Population size for each bird species in Switzerland
  • Altitudinal distribution and its trend since 1993–1996

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Peter Knaus, Sylvain Antoniazza


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