Breeding birds

The long-term population trends of breeding birds in Switzerland are extremely well documented thanks to various monitoring schemes. The objective of these countrywide surveys is to gain an overview of the current distribution and population sizes of Swiss birds and to keep track of changes. Having access to such detailed knowledge for a whole group of animals is unique even in Switzerland. Internationally, few monitoring schemes exist that have such dense spatial coverage for so many species.


Further analyses

  • Swiss Bird Index SBI®: overall trend, habitat indices, species of particular importance for nature conservation, and Swiss Bird Index SBI® Climate Change.
  • Breeding populations (number of territories/breeding pairs/families) of irregular and exceptional breeders 2000–2022.
  • Trends of 168 breeding birds in 30 European countries for the entire survey period (generally 1980–2021) and for 2010–2021.

Swiss Bird Index SBI® Breeding breeding index® 


Internet links

  • An overview of all species found in Switzerland and their species categories is available here: (available in German, French or Italian). Find more on recording at:
  • Our recording platform provides information on the occurrence of breeding birds in Switzerland and neighbouring regions.
  • The related app “NaturaList” is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Instructions can be found here.
  • The entire contents of the Breeding Bird Atlas 2013–2016 are available online: detailed information on distribution and population trends of breeding birds, topics and trends relevant to several species, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the atlas.