Observing migrating birds and researching migration has a long tradition for our volunteer collaborators as well as for the Swiss Ornithological Institute. Our goal is to document migration, identify changes and make data available to support conservation efforts. To achieve this, various sections of the Swiss Ornithological Institute, but also ringing teams and work groups are involved in projects that are often long-term. Birds that are stopping over or in active migration make up just under half of all records submitted by volunteers on and entered into the Swiss Ornithological Institute’s database. Thanks to these efforts, migration and the occurrence of passage migrants in Switzerland are better documented than ever before.


Further analyses

When and where a migratory species occurs in Switzerland in the course of the year is indicated in our online database Birds of Switzerland.

The presence index per species and year 1990–2022 accounts for the increase in observer activity and allows for comparisons between years.


  • The current list of bird species in Switzerland and their systematic order according to the “Handbook of the Birds of the World” can be downloaded here (including an Excel version).
  • The ID bulletins provided by the information service (in German and French) and the Chronique ornithologique romande published by Nos Oiseaux (in French) offer syntheses of migration activity.
  • Occurrences of rare and unusual species in Switzerland are summarised in the annual reports of the Swiss RC.

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