Coordination of the African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP)

The Swiss Ornithological Institute coordinates the African-Eurasian Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP).

The range of the action plan for migratory landbirds
The range of the action plan for migratory landbirds
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Migratory landbirds, especially populations of insectivorous species breeding in Europe and overwintering in sub-Saharan Africa, are declining at an alarming rate. The conservation of migratory species is complex because of their dependency on suitable breeding grounds, high-quality stop-over sites along their migratory routes and optimal wintering sites. Coordinated flyway-scale approaches including the whole life-cycle of birds are necessary to conserve African-Eurasian migratory landbirds on a long term. 

The Action plan

In 2011, the African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP) was initiated by the Convention of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). This Action plan is a flyway wide approach for the conservation of mainly long-distance migrants and proposes actions directed to approx. 500 species, including those that are already globally threatened with extinction.

Broadly the AEMLAP covers the following themes: (1) Habitat loss and degradation, (2) Taking and trade, (3) Disease and collision risk, (4) Research and monitoring, and (5) Education and information.

Implementation of the AEMLAP

Successful implementation of actions depends upon international coordination, including to catalyze and facilitate implementation of priority national actions. At the heart of a strong network of stakeholders, the AEML Working Group is responsible for the implementation of the AEMLAP. It facilitates agreements on national and international implementations through the adoption of a Programme of Work and supports the establishment of regional groups supporting those priorities.

Since 2021, the AEMLAP Coordination Unit is localized at the Swiss Ornithological Institute at Sempach/Switzerland.

Included instruments in the AEMLAP

The AEMLAP also encompasses following instruments of the CMS:

Complementary CMS-Instruments

The AEMLAP complements the work of the instruments of the CMS:

  • AEWA: The Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
  • MoU Raptors: The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia
  • CAF-Action Plan: The Central Asian Flyway Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds and their Habitats.

Related links to the AEMLAP

Furthermore, the AEMLAP has a close link to the Migratory Landbirds Study Group (MLSG) and to the Friends of the Landbirds Action Plan (FLAP).

Contact of the Coordination Unit

Dr Alain Jacot
c/o Coordination Unit AEMLAP
Swiss Ornithological Institute
Seerose 1
CH-6204 Sempach
mobile +41 (0)79 77 44 262

Peter Knaus
c/o Coordination Unit AEMLAP
Swiss Ornithological Institute
Seerose 1
CH-6204 Sempach
tel. +41 (0)41 462 97 32
mobile +41 (0)78 837 32 93