Collection and book donations

The library of the Swiss Ornithological Institute is one of the most extensive collections of ornithological literature in Europe.

Our collection

The Ornithological Institute's library is an open-access library with a stock of around 20 000 items. Most items are freely accessible and are marked "Lesesaal" (Reading Room) in the catalogue.

Some older books, especially older editions, are stored in a mobile shelving system where they are also freely accessible to users. These books are marked "Magazin" (Archives) in the catalogue.

Particularly old and valuable items are kept in storage and are marked "Sondersammlung" (Special Collection) in the catalogue. They can only be viewed on request.

About 500 items are added to the library every year. Besides purchases, new additions also come from donations, legacies and review copies.
Recent acquisitions in the library of the Swiss Ornithological Institute

Currently, about 300 journals and magazines from all over the world are procured regularly. The Ornithological Institute receives about 250 of them in exchange for "Der Ornithologische Beobachter" published by Ala. The periodicals database currently contains about 2500 titles.

The periodicals are stored on mobile shelves and sorted by country.

Book donations

The library welcomes book donations. Duplicates are offered for exchange or passed on to similar institutions. Enquiries regarding donations can be addressed to the head librarian, Patricia Dürring Kummer.