Library services

The collection can be searched online, and  items are available for borrowing.

Searching the catalogues

swisscovery RZS – Zentralschweiz

Find items online using swisscovery RZS – Zentralschweiz, the search portal of the libraries in the Central Switzerland region. It provides a convenient way to find media online. In addition to the library holdings of the Swiss Ornithological Institute, swisscovery RZS - Zentralschweiz also allows targeted searches of the scientific media holdings of Central Switzerland.


The periodicals database lists all available journals and magazines.

Electronic resources

The following databases can be accessed on-site:

In addition to the licensed databases, the database information system DBIS of the Swiss Ornithological Institute also lists a large selection of freely accessible databases from various disciplines.

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) of the Swiss Ornithological Institute lists all electronically available journals.

Using the library

The library of the Swiss Ornithological Institute primarily serves the Institute's employees. It is also open to volunteer collaborators, students and other interested members of the public.


Many items in the collection can be borrowed by external users. Users may take out up to five items at a time.

Journals, reference books, field guides and reference copies of core publications may not be taken out.

Borrowing is free of charge. Items may be borrowed for 28 days. If there is no reservation by another user, the loan can be renewed once for a further 28 days.

Registered users can request items that are available for borrowing to be delivered by post against payment of a fee.

Individual journal articles can be delivered as photocopies or electronic files (PDF). A fee will be charged for larger orders.

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