Videos and podcasts

Our first video on winter bird feeding was a success.
Our first video on winter bird feeding was a success.
Photo © Marcel Burkhardt

It was the culmination of a long process: our first video tutorial on winter bird feeding was finally published last November. The enthusiastic response encouraged us to create more video content.

Our website offers a wealth of regularly updated tips on interactions with birds. Topics range from the threats that birds face to bird feeding and building nest boxes. Our goal is to complement this information with videos that are both informative and appealing.

Our next series on birdfriendly gardens is just about finished. We look forward to launching the series in the coming weeks and are eager to see how our viewers respond.

The podcast format was new territory for us in 2022. In the podcast series (available in French and German), nine experts from the Swiss Ornithological Institute introduce “their” bird species. Numerous anecdotes allow listeners to delve into the world of science and conservation. Listen in and gain fascinating insights into the lives of birds!