Herrando, S., P. Vorísek, M. Kupka, M. Anton & V. Keller (2015)

Ongoing EBBA2: a first pilot data provision of 50 × 50 km data

Further information

Bird Census News: 27/1–2: European Atlas News 27–35



Pilot data for the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2) have been requested in autumn 2014. Almost all national coordinators across Europe have provided 50×50 km data following the methodological standards of the project. Thanks to this excellent international collaboration preliminary maps could be prepared showing up-to-date distribution for five breeding bird species: Eurasian Oystercatcher, Common Black-headed Gull, Northern Harrier, European Bee-eater and Northern Wheatear. Lessons learned will be used in further work on the Atlas.