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Discover, observe and identify the birds of Switzerland.

Bird database

Everything you need to know about the birds of Switzerland

The “Birds of Switzerland” section provides comprehensive information on over 400 different bird species that live in Switzerland. Our database highlights the sights and sounds of bird species and provides other interesting information about them.

The 10 most searched bird species

Red Kite
Common Kingfisher
Eurasian Green Woodpecker
Great Tit
Eurasian Blue Tit
European Robin
Black Redstart
Eurasian Blackbird
European Goldfinch
Common Chaffinch

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Commonly sighted bird species

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A nature experience with our feathered friends

Birds are easier to observe than many other wild animals. Here, we provide the most important information for a successful nature experience.

House Sparrow © Marcel Burkhardt
Winter bird feeding
Garden feeders are a great way to watch birds and offer fantastic opportunities to discover wildlife up close.
Eurasian Blackbird © Marcel Burkhardt
Birds are not only found in woods, fields, meadows and mountains. Many species can be observed in your own back garden. As a rule, the greater the variety of structures in your garden, the more species it wi...
Black Redstart © Marcel Burkhardt
Birds in urban areas
Birds are not only found in woods, fields, meadows and mountains. Many species penetrate deep into cities and towns. As a rule, the more diverse the environment, the greater the number of species that live h...
Common Swift © Marcel Burkhardt
Spring migration
Migratory birds are the heralds of spring. Each species follows a clear schedule when returning from its winter quarters. Common Starling and White Wagtail announce the early days of spring, while Common Swi...
White Stork © Marcel Burkhardt
Autumn migration
In late summer, birds start preparing for the winter season. While some of them change their diet and spend the winter in their breeding grounds, others build up large energy reserves and head south.