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We use the donations we receive very carefully. For many years, the Swiss Ornithological Institute has been certified with the ZEWO quality seal for charitable organisations.

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Legal structure  
The Swiss Ornithological Institute has been registered as a foundation according to Art. 80-89bis of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) since 1954. As a charitable foundation, the Institute is subject to fed-eral supervision by the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

As a private, independent non-profit foundation widely supported by the public, the Swiss Orni-thological Institute is dedicated to the study and conservation of wild birds.

The Swiss Ornithological Institute is certified as a charitable organisation by the ZEWO Foundation. The rigorous standards established by ZEWO ensure the responsible and efficient use of funds.

Financial statements are prepared according to the recommendations for non-profit organisations (Swiss GAAP FER 21).

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Tax exemption
Donations to the Swiss Ornithological Institute are tax-deductible in all Cantons.

How we use your donation

The Swiss Ornithological Institute is a private non-profit foundation supported by a wide public. We are politically independent and dedicated to the study and conservation of wild birds.


Photo © Marcel Burkhardt

The Ornithological Institute explores changes in our native birdlife. We investigate how birds adapt to an environment increasingly influenced by humans and what they need to survive.

For example, we use the world's smallest geolocator, developed at the Ornithological Institute, to study where and how birds forage. This kind of information helps us define targeted conservation measures in agricultural areas or in woodlands.

The Ornithological Institute is an international leader in the research on bird migration. Thanks to our geolocator tags that weigh no more than a feather, we gain valuable new insights into migration routes, stop-over sites and wintering grounds.


Photo © Lukas Linder

We conduct our research in service of nature. To achieve as much as we can for birds, we work closely with authorities, planners, environmental organisations, farmers and foresters.

Supported by hundreds of volunteers, we keep an eye on bird populations in Switzerland. The data we collect in our monitoring projects provide an important foundation for the conservation of birds and their habitats.

The Swiss species recovery programme for birds benefits endangered species such as Eurasian Hoopoe, Northern Lapwing, Western Capercaillie or Eurasian Scops Owl. But many other species need our help, too.


Photo © Marcel Burkhardt

We provide up-to-date information on what is happening in the world of birds. In exhibitions, books, lectures and via the media, we strive to awaken people's interest, but also to alert them to problems.

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The Institute's employees respond to dozens of enquiries every day.

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Bird care centre

More than 1000 injured or orphaned birds are cared for by specialists at the Ornithological Institute every year.

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