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How we monitor and study bird populations

Our commitment

Research projects

We monitor the populations of all bird species in Switzerland and their development, investigate the lifestyles and requirements of endangered bird species and research bird migration.

We investigate the diverse interactions of birds with their environment, from individual settlement behaviour to species communities.
We study the populations and distribution of species and species communities, as well as the factors that cause their changes across space and time.
We test and evaluate new methods to support endangered bird species.
We analyse and assess the situation and development of bird life in Switzerland.
We research migratory birds from their breeding grounds to Africa and lay the foundations for their protection beyond national borders.
We want to understand how human influences affect the well-being, behaviour and individual fitness of birds.
We monitor the distribution and populations of birds throughout the country.
© Marcel Burkhardt

Our research and protection projects

Here you will find an overview of all current projects and the most important completed ones at the Ornithological Institute.

More about the projects

About us

Our commitment

As a foundation for ornithology and bird protection, we monitor native bird life, investigate the living requirements of birds and work to improve the living conditions of endangered species. The study of bird migration is also one of our main tasks. We inform the public, authorities and media about bird protection concerns and provide information on all aspects of bird life.

Our trade publications

Our knowledge of birds is noted for posterity in books, brochures and specialist articles.

A strong team

The Ornithological Institute employs experts from the fields of biology, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, communication, IT, finance, electronics, statistics and customer service.

Help the birds of Switzerland.
Your support allows us to monitor stocks, identify problems, develop solutions and provide assistance to endangered species.
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We handle the donations entrusted to us very carefully. For many years, the Swiss Ornithological Institute has carried the ZEWO seal of approval for non-profit institutions.