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Common Redstart © Marcel Burkhardt

How we help birds, support them and enhance their habitats

Our commitment

Protection projects

We develop measures, provide targeted support for endangered species, enhance habitats and generally try to improve the conditions for birds in our country.

© Dominik Hagist
We promote wildlife-friendly agriculture with more high-quality and better-connected habitats, fewer artificial fertilisers and fewer pesticides.
© Gilberto Pasinelli
Our Forest team is committed to preserving and promoting Switzerland’s forest habitats for birds. We focus on training and continuing education in forestry, ensure knowledge is transferred into practice and ...
© Matthias Vögeli
We are committed to near-natural waters and clean water. Wetlands are particularly important for many endangered bird species.
Whinchat © Marcel Burkhardt
Wildlife conservation coordinates the development, improvement and dissemination of measures in favour of priority bird species that cannot be helped by habitat protection alone. Together with BirdLife Switz...
© Stefan Werner
We provide information and advice to private individuals, authorities and specialist bodies on bird-friendly solutions when it comes to the coexistence of birds and humans – an area that is not always withou...
© Jeremy Gremion
Action plan migratory Landbirds
The Swiss Ornithological Institute coordinates the African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP) for the United Nations Environment Programme.
© Reto Spaar
Many of our projects are carried out from our regional offices in Valais (Sion), Ticino (Contone), Grisons (Chur), Northeastern Switzerland (Schaffhausen) and Western Switzerland (Yverdon-les-Bains).

Getting involved

Our commitment

As a foundation for ornithology and bird protection, we monitor native bird life, investigate the living requirements of birds and work to improve the living conditions of endangered species. The study of bird migration is also one of our main tasks. We inform the public, authorities and media about bird protection concerns and provide information on all aspects of bird life.

A strong team

The Ornithological Institute employs experts from the fields of biology, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, communication, IT, finance, electronics, statistics and customer service.

© Marcel Burkhardt

Our research and protection projects

Here you will find an overview of all current projects and the most important completed ones at the Ornithological Institute.

More about the projects
Help the birds of Switzerland.
Your support allows us to monitor stocks, identify problems, develop solutions and provide assistance to endangered species.
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We handle the donations entrusted to us very carefully. For many years, the Swiss Ornithological Institute has carried the ZEWO seal of approval for non-profit institutions.