Swiss Rarities Committee

    The Swiss Rarities Committee (Swiss RC) works independently from any other organisation. It is a member of the Association of European Records and Rarities Committees, AERC and follows its recommandations. Its main task is to check if unusual bird observations are sufficiently documented to be cited in scientific literature. The species concerned either occur rarely in Switzerland or are rarely seen at a specific time of the year or in a particular part of the country. The first breeding records in Switzerland are also examined by the Swiss RC. Any record of a species considered by the Swiss RC should be submitted on the appropriate recording form. To keep the administrative effort as low as possible, protocols should be sent whenever possible in electronic form (preferably as word file) to Cases for which no protocol has been submitted, but photos, videos or audio records exist on the web will be handled as well, but published without the name(s) of the observer(s).

    Swiss Rarities Committee
    c/o Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Tel. 041 462 97 32
    Fax 041 462 97 00