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Current bird observations at a glance is the official information centre for ornithologists in Switzerland. and the app NaturaList can be used to report and access bird observations, as well as records of other animal groups (e.g. butterflies). is supported by the Swiss Ornithological Institute, Nos Oiseaux, Ficedula and Ala and developed by the Valais-based company Biolovision S.à.r.l.. Identical web portals exist in all our neighbouring countries. Further developments are coordinated by an international steering group.

Domain Research
Unit Monitoring
Topic Population Development, Migratory Birds
Habitat farmland, rocky terrain, wetlands, rivers & streams, semi-open farmland, alpine habitats, wasteland, settlements, forest, meadows and pastures
Project start 2007
Project status ongoing
Project management Samuel Wechsler
Project region Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Project objectives

The goal is to obtain a comprehensive and high-quality collection of observation reports. This gives us a sound and consistently up-to-date overview of the occurrence of birds in Switzerland in terms of both time and location.

Methodology serves as a tool for the thousands of field ornithologists in Switzerland. It allows easy capture of species records, while on the other hand offering a variety of search options and helpful information. provides an overview of current ornithological events and helps you put your own observations into context more effectively.


The records collected via are used in many different ways: among other things, the information goes into national and international atlas projects, as well as being used for European overviews and serving as a data basis for calculating breeding population trends. The observations are incorporated in hundreds of environmental impact assessments every year and provide important information on the occurrence of rare species for various species promotion projects run by the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

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We monitor the distribution and populations of birds throughout the country.

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