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Species Recovery

Wildlife conservation coordinates the development, improvement and dissemination of measures in favour of priority bird species that cannot be helped by habitat protection alone. Together with BirdLife Switzerland and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the department also coordinates the “Species Recovery for Swiss Birds” programme.



Species Recovery employee
Nadine Apolloni
Species Recovery employee
Claire Lischer
Species Recovery employee
Gabriel Marcacci
Species Recovery employee
Anja Marty
Head of Species Recovery
Stephanie Michler Keiser
Species Recovery employee
Marco Pilati
Head of Regional offices
Reto Spaar
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Landbirds Action Plan

Coordination of the African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP)

The Swiss Ornithological Institute coordinates the African-Eurasian Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP).
Common Redstart © Markus Varesvuo

How we help birds, support them and enhance their habitats

We develop measures, provide targeted support for endangered species, enhance habitats and generally try to improve the conditions for birds in our country.

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