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Migration models

Modelling migration

We develop (simulation) models to identify the factors and cues that determine stop-over site choice and migration schedules in migrating birds. In particular, we investigate the role that food availability (quality, quantity and timing) and other site-specific parameters play in the decision to commence or resume migration and compare model predictions to empirical migration data. Furthermore, in extending these migration models to incorporate the infection status of birds, we investigate the role of migration in the spread and dynamics of diseases such as Avian influenza.

Domain Research
Unit Bird Migration
Topic Ecology, Migratory Birds
Habitat alpine habitats, farmland, forest, meadows and pastures, rivers & streams, rocky terrain, semi-open farmland, settlements, wasteland, wetlands
Project start 2015
Project completion 2026
Project status ongoing
Project management
Project region Africa, Europe


Project partner(s)

Financial support

  • EU Horizon
  • SERI State secretary for Education, Research, and Innovation



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Bird Migration

We research migratory birds from their breeding grounds to Africa and lay the foundations for their protection beyond national borders.

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