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ViSo Ticino – Sustainable Viticulture in Ticino

Improving viticultural practices and encouraging biodiversity

ViSo Ticino, a ‘Resources Project’ promoted by the Swiss Confederation, is aimed at the sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture. It has a particular focus on creating a building block for sustainable viticulture in Ticino, which fosters biodiversity. A range of measures are used by the companies taking part to improve the ecological infrastructure and better protect existing biodiversity hotspots. Together with FiBL, the Ornithological Institute is a scientific partner for the module relating to encouraging biodiversity.

Domain Conservation
Unit Agricultural Habitats
Topic Habitat Promotion
Habitat semi-open farmland
Project start 2023
Project completion 2030
Project status ongoing
Project management Nicolas Sironi
Project region Ticino


Betroffene Vogelarten

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Agricultural habitats

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