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Species promotion – Eurasian Woodcock

Protection and promotion of an extremely secretive bird species

The Eurasian Woodcock is one of our most secretive bird species. During the last forty years or so it has almost completely disappeared from the forests of the Swiss Plateau and the eastern Jura. The reasons for this negative development are unknown.

Domain Conservation
Unit Forest Habitats
Topic Species Recovery, Habitat Promotion
Habitat forest
Project start 2008
Project status ongoing
Project management Pierre Mollet
Project region Aargau, Basel Land, Neuchâtel, St Gallen, Vaud


Species concerned

Bird species
Eurasian Woodcock
It is a very special experience to witness the Eurasian Woodcock’s display-flight on a balmy spring or summer evening. At dusk, before the first stars appear, the silhouette of a bird with an owl-like flight is suddenly outlined against the evening sky, whereby its long, downward-pointing bill ca...
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Die Waldschnepfe in der Schweiz. Synthese aus dem Jahr 2014 (in German)
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Forest habitats

Our Forest team is committed to preserving and promoting Switzerland’s forest habitats for birds. We focus on training and continuing education in forestry, ensure knowledge is transferred into practice and contribute to reducing the deficits of waste wood and dead wood as well as species-specific, special and rare habitats through specific funding projects and land conservation in forests.

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