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Species promotion – Wood Warbler

Protection and promotion of a characteristic bird of old-growth forests

Together with partners from forestry, the cantons and nature conservation, we are trying to implement and establish the knowledge gained about the habitat requirements of the Wood Warbler in silvicultural practice based on three approaches. 1) Locally and structurally suitable unsettled forest areas become capable of being populated by means of targeted forestry interventions. 2) Already populated forests are removed from forestry use for as long as possible. 3) Forests favourable for Wood Warblers must be created in the long term, e.g. one-age cohort forests.

Domain Conservation
Unit Forest Habitats
Topic Species Recovery, Habitat Promotion, Ecology
Habitat forest
Project start 2015
Project status ongoing
Project management Alex Grendelmeier
Project region Switzerland


Project partner(s)

  • Luzius Fischer, Kreisförster Forstkreis Birs
  • Martin Roth, Kreisförster Forstkreis Dorneck-Thierstein
  • Gerhard Walser, Revierförster Forstrevier Thierstein West / Laufental
  • Josef Borer, Revierförster Forstrevier Thierstein Mitte
  • Christoph Gubler, Revierförster Forstrevier Dorneckberg-Süd
  • Markus Schmidlin, Revierförster Forstrevier Unteres Laufental
  • Elias Bader, Fledermausschutz Schweiz

Financial support

  • Hermann und Elisabeth Walder-Bachmann-Stiftung
  • Zigerli-Hegi-Stiftung



Betroffene Vogelarten

Bird species
Wood Warbler
With its conspicuous song and its mating flight in the treetops, the Wood Warbler enlivens our beech-rich deciduous woods into whose light green foliage its lively yellow-green plumage blends perfectly. The nest – an artistic domed cup – is built near the ground. It is important that the entrance...
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Forest habitats

Our Forest team is committed to preserving and promoting Switzerland’s forest habitats for birds. We focus on training and continuing education in forestry, ensure knowledge is transferred into practice and contribute to reducing the deficits of waste wood and dead wood as well as species-specific, special and rare habitats through specific funding projects and land conservation in forests.

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