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Species promotion – Western Capercaillie

Protection and promotion of the largest grouse

The Western Capercaillie is the largest of all four native grouse species. It is a characteristic bird of the structurally rich and quiet mountain forest. The populations of this species have been declining in many areas of Switzerland for decades. They are still in decline in the Jura today.

Domain Conservation
Unit Forest Habitats
Topic Species Recovery, Population Development, Habitat Promotion
Habitat forest
Project start 1988
Project status ongoing
Project management Pierre Mollet
Project region Appenzell Outer-Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-Rhodes, Bern, Glarus, Grisons, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, St Gallen, Schwyz, Vaud, Zug, Zurich


Project partner(s)

Financial support

  • Zigerli-Hegi Stiftung



Species concerned

Bird species
Western Capercaillie
Western Capercaillie make very high demands on their habitat. For decades, there has been a significant decrease in their population throughout Central Europe and the impressive mating display is becoming an increasingly rare sight. The cocks strut around the courting ground (lek) with fanned tai...
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Other resources
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Geschichte der Artenförderung Auerhuhn (in German)
Media release
Kot offenbart Weltrekord (in German)
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Bilanz nach zehn Jahren Auerhuhn-Aktionsplan (in German)
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Faktenblatt Auerhühner und Birkhühner brauchen Schutz vor Störung (in German)
Das Auerhuhn (in German)
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Forest habitats

Our Forest team is committed to preserving and promoting Switzerland’s forest habitats for birds. We focus on training and continuing education in forestry, ensure knowledge is transferred into practice and contribute to reducing the deficits of waste wood and dead wood as well as species-specific, special and rare habitats through specific funding projects and land conservation in forests.

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