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Birds and fisheries

Fish-eating birds

The population development of larger fish-eating bird species is increasingly viewed with concern by the fisheries sector. This is especially true of the Great Cormorant, Grey Heron and Goosander. As bird species that feed exclusively or to a large extent on fish, they are seen as competitors or blamed for the decline in fish stocks.

The Swiss Ornithological Institute offers authorities, associations and private individuals its expertise on the subject of “piscivorous bird species and fisheries” and strives to engage in objective discussion.

Domain Conservation
Unit Bird-Human Conflicts
Topic Ecology, Birds and Human Beings
Habitat rivers & streams
Project start 1991
Project status ongoing
Project management Stefan Werner
Project region Liechtenstein, Switzerland

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Is Switzerland with its abundance of water a paradise for fish-eating birds?
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Bird-Human Conflicts

We provide information and advice to private individuals, authorities and specialist bodies on bird-friendly solutions when it comes to the coexistence of birds and humans – an area that is not always without conflict.

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