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Birds and overhead lines

Avoidance of electrocution on overhead lines

Dangerously constructed medium voltage pylons can pose an electrocution risk to birds. Large birds are particularly affected because of their wingspan. There are known technical measures that can be taken to remodel dangerous masts. Nevertheless, dangerous mast constructions are still widespread in Switzerland today. The Swiss Ornithological Institute supports and accompanies the implementation of measures.

Domain Conservation
Unit Bird-Human Conflicts
Topic Species Recovery, Birds and Human Beings
Habitat farmland, rocky terrain, wetlands, rivers & streams, semi-open farmland, alpine habitats, wasteland, settlements, forest, meadows and pastures
Project start 2007
Project status ongoing
Project management Daniela Heynen
Project region Switzerland

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Species concerned

Other resources
external link
Vogelschutz an Starkstrom-Freileitungen mit Nennspannungen über 1kV (in German)
external link
Leitungsmasten: Damit den Uhu nicht den Schlag trifft. (in German)
external link
Vogelschutz bei Fahrleitungsanlagen (in German)
Uhu auf dem Vormasch (in German)
Uhu-Falle (in German)
Strommasten: Tödliche Falle für Vögel (in German)
Vögel vor Stromtod schützen (in German)
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Bird-Human Conflicts

We provide information and advice to private individuals, authorities and specialist bodies on bird-friendly solutions when it comes to the coexistence of birds and humans – an area that is not always without conflict.

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