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Species promotion Common Kestrel and Common Barn Owl

A network of volunteers helps Common Kestrels and Common Barn Owls

In Switzerland, the Common Kestrel and the Common Barn Owl live mainly in cultivated land and tend to hunt small mammals such as voles. For a long time now, the intensification of agriculture and especially the disappearance of small field barns has caused problems for both species. There has been a lack of nesting sites and extensively managed areas for foraging. Both species have since recovered thanks to the commitment of numerous volunteers, who install and maintain nesting aids for these species. The well-being of the two species therefore depends on the efforts of the many volunteers and the farmers who promote biodiversity on their land.

Domain Conservation
Unit Species Recovery
Topic Species Recovery, Population Development, Habitat Promotion
Habitat farmland, semi-open farmland, meadows and pastures
Project start 2002
Project status ongoing
Project management Anja Marty
Project region Switzerland


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Turmfalken & Schleiereulen fördern (in German)
Vermittler zwischen Landwirtschaft und Vogelschutz (in German)
Freiwillige fördern Turmfalke und Schleiereule (in German)
Die Schleiereule (in German)
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Species Recovery

Wildlife conservation coordinates the development, improvement and dissemination of measures in favour of priority bird species that cannot be helped by habitat protection alone. Together with BirdLife Switzerland and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the department also coordinates the “Species Recovery for Swiss Birds” programme.

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