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Ecological enhancement of the St. Katharinental domain

Biodiversity and production go hand in hand: ecological enhancement of a large arable farm in Thurgau

The St. Katharinental domain near Diessenhofen (TG) is a 107-hectare farm. From 2021 to 2024, the farm was ecologically enhanced by creating borders and fallows on the arable land and adding around 100 small structures such as groups of bushes, branch and stone piles. The Swiss Ornithological Institute supports these measures and documents the development of breeding birds, butterflies and grasshoppers in the enhanced area, and also in a comparable reference area without enhancements. In this way it is possible to demonstrate the benefits of such measures in promoting biodiversity in cultivated land.

Domain Conservation
Unit Agricultural Habitats
Topic Species Recovery, Population Development, Habitat Promotion
Habitat farmland, meadows and pastures
Project start 2021
Project status ongoing
Project management Stefan Werner
Project region Thurgau



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