Martins Briedis


    Martins Briedis
    Martins Briedis (Foto © Archiv Vogelwarte)
    Dr. Martins Briedis
    Department of Bird Migration
    Swiss Ornithological Institute
    Seerose 1
    CH - 6204 Sempach

    ++41 41 462 99 28


    Post-doctoral researcher


    • Avian ecology and migration
    • Tracking migration using geolocation by light
    • Stable isotope ecology 

    Current Projects

    • Migration strategies in passerines – multi-species analyses
    • Tracking small animals using light intensity records
    • Linking events through the annual cycle: the importance of carry-over effects for the ecology of migratory birds
    • Migration ecology of Arctic Terns


    Peter Adamik (Department of Zoology, Palacky University)

    Vaclav Pavel (Centre for Polar Ecology, University of South Bohemia)


    Since 2017 Post-doctoral researcher at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, Switzerland
    2013 – 2017 Ph.D. in Biology (Ecology), Palacky University, Czech Republic


    For a complete list see:

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    Briedis M., Träff J., Hahn S., Ilieva M., Král M., Peev S., AdamíkP. (2016) Year-round spatiotemporal distribution of the enigmatic Semi-collared Flycatcher Ficedula semitorquata. Journal of Ornithology

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