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Towards monitoring, understanding and forecasting global biomass flows of aerial migrants – GloBAM

Monitoring abundance and movements of aerial migrants

GloBAM is a BioDivERsa funded research project that has emerged from the European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement. Within GloBAM, we aim to use weather radar data to quantify the biomass flows of aerial migrants (birds, insects and bats) from regional to continental scales across Europe and North America. We are particularly interested in identifying the drivers of migrant movements and abundances and relate them to atmospheric, climatic and landscape variables. (More information on

Domain Research
Unit Bird Migration
Topic Ecology, Migratory Birds
Habitat alpine habitats, farmland, forest, meadows and pastures, rivers & streams, rocky terrain, semi-open farmland, settlements, wasteland, wetlands
Project start 2018
Project completion 2024
Project status ongoing
Project management
Project region America, Europe


Project partner(s)

  • Judy Shamoun Baranes, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Andrew Farnsworth, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, USA
  • Peter Desmet, Institut for Nature and Forest, Belgium
  • Jarmo Koistinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland

Financial support

  • Biodiversa
  • Swiss National Science Foundation



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Bird Migration

We research migratory birds from their breeding grounds to Africa and lay the foundations for their protection beyond national borders.

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